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1 to 5 Station Healey & Lord Florida Black Urinal Kits

Florida Black Urinals come in two models, the back inlet model is typically used with concealed pipework, the top inlet model is typically used with exposed or semi-exposed pipework.

Florida Black urinal kits are provided with either of the following types of flush control:

  • Cistern Flush:  A single surface mounted infrared sensor and cistern. The sensor periodically flushes all urinals simultaneously based on usage. Cisterns can either be mounted externally on the wall (exposed) or hidden behind panelling (concealed)
  • Direct Flush: A direct flush control system has individual infrared flush sensors for each urinal. This system does not require a cistern and flushes each urinal individually, based on usage. Ideal for concealed pipework installations

If you have any queries, need configuration advice or require pricing on complete Florida Black urinal kits, please call on 01603 558855 from 8.00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday (Except Bank Holidays), or contact us via email sales@hlwashrooms.co.uk.

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