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Composite Wash Troughs for Deck-Mounted Taps

HL Washrooms supply composite wash troughs for deck-mounted taps from Delabie and Franke​​​​​​. These wash troughs are suitable for a range of high-traffic washroom installations, such as schools & university's, offices, shopping centres and Public spaces, and make an appealing alternative to stainless steel.

Available in alpine white the composite troughs make a convenient alternative to ceramics as they have a far higher degree of vandal resistance, ease of cleaning and anti-bacterial solid surfaces whilst allowing attractive washroom designs.

Refine Your Selection

Width/Number of Users

  • 1100mm - 2 Users
  • 1200mm - 2 Users
  • 1400mm - 2 Users
  • 1400mm - 3 Users
  • 1600mm - 3 Users
  • 1800mm - 3 Users
  • 2100mm - 4 Users
  • 2400mm - 4 Users


  • Delabie
  • Franke


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