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Dart Valley Toilet & WC Flush Controls

HL Washrooms supply the complete range of Dart Valley Systems (DVS) no-touch and electronic flush devices suitable for a range of industries, commercial & healthcare sectors.

No touch flush devices offer high vandal resistance, water saving and importantly unparalleled hygiene making them ideal for clinics and hospital infection control zones, food preparation and processing areas and high traffic washrooms.

We are also offering a tactile switch, sometimes referred to as a Piezo switch, flush control option. This type of flush control does require the user to touch the button in order to activate it however due to its high vandal resistance it maybe deemed preferable to use this in some instances - such as in remote locations or custodial settings. Please contact us on 0844 384 3126 if you would like help with product selection.

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  • Tactile Switch
  • Wave-On Sensor

Flush Controller Power

  • Battery
  • Mains

Water Feed Type

  • Cistern
  • Direct

Number of Sensors

  • 1
  • 2


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