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Florida Black Urinals - Wall-Mounted Ceramic Urinals & Kits

The Healey & Lord range of Florida wall mounted ceramic black urinals creates a premium, versatile and striking element to any washroom design scheme. Back/Rear inlet and Top inlet models are available, making these black  urinals suitable for concealed and exposed pipework schemes. Black washbasins and toilets are also available to complete the total concept.   

This classic Florida Black Urinal has a high quality hard wearing, black ceramic glaze, and provides a stunning look to any washroom project. The design of Florida urinal provides excellent privacy without the need for space consuming dividers. Where Florida Black Urinal Dividers are required, these can be specified.    

Florida Black Urinals can be purchased individually, or as kits for 1 to 5 stations. The kits include the urinals, flushing systems, sparge pipes, inlets and wastes. Florida Black Urinal Kits with infrared sensor controls, available with either direct flushing or more traditional indirect piped systems with cisterns for concealed or exposed pipework.

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