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Sluice Sinks & Slop Hoppers

Sluice Sinks & Slop Hoppers by Franke and Healey & Lord

HL Washrooms are suppliers of Healey & Lord and Franke hospital sluice sinks and slop hoppers. HL Washrooms sluice sinks and slop hoppers are ideal for use in Healthcare, Care Home and Commercial premises.

Franke Slop Hoppers are a direct cost effective equivalent for Armitage Shanks Dee Dee and Stirling Slop Hoppers.

For use in infection control environments we recommend sluice sinks and slop hoppers conforming to HBN00-10 (formerly HTM64) which requires the sink to be without an overflow and have no tap holes. The taps have to be wall-mounted.

Sluice sinks and hoppers can be specified with or without a drainer and can be specified to include tap holes if required.  All hoppers are manufactured from 1.2mm thick 304 stainless steel.

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