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Surgical and Surgeon Scrub Sinks - HL Washrooms

Stainless Steel Scrub Troughs by Delabie, Franke and Healey & Lord

HL Washrooms supply medical stainless steel surgeons scrub-up troughs and sinks designed for use in hospitals, clinics and veterinary surgeries.

Franke scrub-up troughs are a direct equivalent to the Armitage Shanks Firth Scrub-up trough range. Delabie scrub troughs are manufactured from Bacteriostatic Grade 304 stainless steel.

Healey & Lord HTM 64 / HBN 00-10 compliant surgeons scrub troughs are British made high quality and cost effective. Healey & Lord surgeon scrub troughs have been installed in many hospital, clinical and veterinary environments. They are available in custom lengths if required.

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